5 Unusual traffic sources for your blog

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Oct 09

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably trying damn hard to get more traffic to your website or WordPress blog. I know I sure am. But you’ve probably heard the same advice over and over…

“Do better SEO!” (yeah, easier said than done). “Post articles on your Facebook fan page!” (fan page organic reach has basically approached zero). “Send out links on Twitter!” (it’s full of bots spamming links – I should know, I run several). “Youtube videos!” (yes we know, but not everyone has the time or inclination to make hundreds of videos).

This article will tell you some surprising ways to get traffic that you might not have thought of.


Huh? Slidewhat? It turns out, millions of people go looking at slideshows (aka presentations) at slideshare.com every day.

You can turn a blog post into a deck of slides using a free online service like Google Slides. Don’t dump the whole damn blog post content into there though! Nobody wants to read through 400 slides.

Put the headings and key points (using some images and numbered or bulleted lists) into the slideshow. Don’t use more than 20 or 30 slides.

Then leave a link at the end suggesting that people can visit your site to know more. You could also put a link that goes directly to a landing page with an offer or lead magnet signup / subscribe form.

Slideshare has massive domain authority so you can rank easily to it, and can even send social signals or crappy links to it without worrying about hurting your domain profile.

And the really cool thing? Your slideshare can now pretty easily be turned into a Youtube video! Just put some backing music or voiceover on it and away you go. Birds, stone, killed.


You might think Pinterest is just for moms who like baking cookies, but you’re wrong. Pinterest has over 200 million active monthly users and is a traffic beast.

Set up a Pinterest account (if you haven’t got one already) and turn it into a business profile. You’ll get better analytics.

Give yourself a good bio with lots of juicy search optimized terms. You can use hashtags here for your key terms (but don’t go overuse them, you want it to look natural).

In fact, Pinterest is actually more like a search engine than a social network. Content stays around for way longer than Twitter or even Facebook, because people go searching for things and Pinterest finds the most relevant, not the most recent.

Create half a dozen boards with relevant names and search optimized descriptions. Then start pinning like crazy! Pin links to your own content, and other people’s pins. Follow people who are in your niche and they’ll follow you back, which gets you more repins and more traffic.

It might be slow to start but as you build up a big portfolio of powerful pins, the traffic can get crazy. This is definitely a traffic source to cash in on (some people are getting thousands of visitors per day from Pinterest).


This can be a fun exercise. Why go to all the hard work to get people seeing your links when you can get someone else to do it all for you? Find out about a big launch (book, video, product, software tool, whatever) and get on board as a reviewer, promoter or affiliate.

Tell the vendor you’ll be happy doing them a free glowing testimonial, raving about how good their product is, if they’ll add a link to your blog or website under the testimonial (this is a pretty common practice).

Now, as the vendor (and their affiliates!) drive traffic to the sales page, they’ll also be driving eyeballs and traffic to your link. Winner!

If they don’t seem keen, offer to do an audio or video testimonial. These are more rare and valued to vendors.


You might be about to throw your arms up and say “Instagram is just for kids!” (it’s not). “It’s all about Snapchat these days!” (wrong, Instagram is killing Snapchat). “Instagram doesn’t even let you post links!”.

Okay that last bit is kind of true, but kind of false. It doesn’t let you put links in photos but it does in your bio. Which is pretty limiting. But here’s the thing you might not realize.

Instagram is insane. If Pinterest is a traffic beast, Instagram is a traffic behemoth. It has nearly one BILLION active users and they spend a hell of a lot of time there. Instagram is also doing video and live video and they are both taking off.

You don’t even need to take your own photos. You can just repost other people’s photos and videos and credit them in the description. There’s an app called Regrammer which makes it super easy.

If the idea of posting lots of photos and following people sounds boring, you can pay someone to do it, or get a bot service like Follow Liker to do the grunt work for you.

And if you really want to shortcut things, you can join engagement groups (google these), power likes (google these), or paid shoutouts (google these).

Make sure the link in your bio is a juicy one to a product offer or landing page.

Or even better, set up a Shopify site full of nice looking things that are visually appealing, set your bio link to your store, and post photos of your stuff. People see the photos and visit the store. You can even add a block of text to the photo saying “click link in bio to buy these”.

This works in pretty much any niche on earth.

And the really crazy thing? You can do Instagram retargeting. Facebook owns Instagram so you can create a Facebook ad custom audience of people who visited your profile. They don’t even have to click your link and you can track them and show them Facebook ads.

Kindle Publishing

Yes you can drive traffic from Kindle books published in the Amazon marketplace! No you don’t have to write a 400 page novel. You can just write a 50 page guide (with lots of pictures, this might not be much longer than a big blog post).

And this traffic not only doesn’t cost you anything, it gives you money for generating the traffic! Maybe only a dollar or two, but you can then spend that money on more traffic and double your visitors.

Make sure the book has a few links to your blog landing page or opt-in form. Put one on page 4 of the book so it is visible to people before they even buy it (Amazon lets you sneak a peek at the first four page of a book as a preview).

You can also enroll it in the Kindle Direct Publishing Select program. This makes it available in a special Kindle lending library, where people can get it for free. Who cares that you’re missing out on a dollar or two of revenue if it gets your landing page link in front of 10,000 people!

This is something I am definitely going to look into doing in the near future. I’ll let you all know how it goes.


Anyway I hoped you all got something out of these tips for unusual blog traffic! Can you think of any others? Let me know in the comments below!

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