Affiliate Insiders review

By Leon Tranter | Reviews

Dec 17
Affiliate Insiders Review

Affiliate Insiders is a new internet marketing product by Rob Reece. Rob has worked hard and come up with some very different to most of the product launches out there. This product unlocks huge powerful secrets for making serious money online! So let’s get straight to the review.

Affiliate Insiders – what is it?

Affiliate Insiders is a different take on an Internet Marketing / Make Money Online product. Most of these things teach some old or outdated method, with outlandish income claims (that never check out, trust me). Or they involve some convoluted buggy piece of software that doesn’t work, or doesn’t generate results when it does.

This is something unusual. Rob Reece has instead gathered a “mastermind” of six of the very best internet marketers in the world and conducted a series of one on one interviews with them.

I really, really like this fresh approach. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick to death of these weak re-hashed tired old methods (they are typically Youtube launchjacking, Facebook profile marketing or Solo Ads).

We don’t need more of these weak tactics. What we need to succeed is the secret sauce: the overall approach, strategy, mindset and day to day operations of these people. And that’s what you get with these interviews.

Rob starts off by discussing their background, their results, their strategies and approaches. Then, and this is really powerful, you get to actually go “behind the scenes” and see how these guys operate.

And surprise surprise, a lot of it is not the stuff you see being sold in the courses!

I can’t give too much away here, but there are some really powerful gems revealed here. I actually wish I had bought this product when I started my marketing journey. I made some big mistakes and had some real “a-ha” moments watching these interviews.

In my opinion, these are worth ten times the crappy 40 minutes of video training on some outdated marketing technique that gets sold these days.

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Affiliate Insiders – who are the featured marketers?

You get a serious selection of top guys in this mastermind.

First up is Ben Martin. This guy is known as the “king of email” and probably one of the best email marketers on the planet. He talks not just about email and list building, but also about Facebook (his material here craps on the Facebook marketing courses I have taken, including some expensive ones – these tips are worth the price of the course alone!).

Next up is Paul Nicholls. This guy has a really powerful “rags to riches” story about he went from being a struggling guy, down to his last penny, and managed to turn it all around. This interview is not just informative, but very inspiring too!

Then we have Jaykay Dowdall. This Canadian is seen as one of the “fastest rising stars” in the internet marketing world and was responsible for the blockbuster Messenger Bot product Destiny (which sold thousands and got rave reviews). You seriously want to listen and take careful notes to everything he shares.

Next, we have Brendan Mace, who needs no introduction – the top-selling vendor on Warrior Plus of all time! What Brendan doesn’t know about internet marketing launches isn’t worth knowing. It is very rare to get a direct insight into his mindset and operations in a session like this. Super valuable stuff.

Then there is Craig Crawford, one of the legends of the IM space who has sold literally millions of dollars worth of products. Craig’s talk is a specialist deep dive into building a network of JV affiliates to promote your products. If you have ever thought about launching a product, this is seriously crucial stuff to know.

Finally, there is the legendary Michael Cheney, one of the most successful affiliate marketers of all time. This was my favourite one, not just because I am a fan of Michael Cheney and his excellent products like The Commission Machine, but because it is also very inspiring. Michael has made me finally feel like I could launch my own product one day! This is essential training for those who want to take affiliate marketing to the next level and start making serious money (and to do that, you simply must launch your own product one day, and Michael tells you both why and how).

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If you booked a half hour or hour consultation with these people, it would cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. You are getting six in-depth interviews for a few dollars! Simply madness – this one is a no-brainer.

Who is it for?

Affiliate Insiders is for anyone who is interested in internet marketing and affiliate marketing. It has information for both absolute beginners, all the way to much more experienced marketers (that’s a claim a lot of people make but is rarely true).

What are the advantages of Affiliate Insiders?

The advantages are pretty simple – it is just jam-packed with valuable information! This is like six super powerful products rolled into one. At its current price, it is the best value IM product on the market today. Even when it goes up to $47 it would still be a steal.

What are the drawbacks?

There are not many drawbacks to this product. The only thing that I think was missing was none of the people went into very specific details on a particular traffic method.

Traffic is the lifeblood of every business. That’s why I’ve put together a bonus package that covers how to get traffic to your offers.

I’ve assembled a “power pack” of four courses on traffic: Youtube, Bing, Solo Ads and Reddit. This is a mix of the best paid and free traffic sources out there.

So if you buy through my link, you can get that package, plus I will throw in an exclusive bonus: my guide on how to start a blog. Every self-respecting marketer needs a blog or website to get started (ignore anyone who tells you otherwise). So I’ve put together a detailed guide that walks you through the whole process – you can have this free (and nobody else is offering this, since I wrote it myself!).


Affiliate Insiders is an excellent course put together by a rising star, Rob Reece, who is going places – and with this outstanding product, he is going to go even further. If you are sick of tired outdated methods and tools and want to start unlocking serious tactics and strategies to making money online, you owe it to yourself to pick up Affiliate Insiders. I would advise to get it right now, while I am still offering these bonuses and before Rob puts the price up to $47.

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