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Sep 16
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There is a lot of crap out there in the marketing world, I have to say. There are some good people and good products and good content out there, but often gets overshadowed by the amount of shallow rubbish. I think this actually gives marketers an opportunity to really stand out. By choosing to be unique and authentic in your marketing. This is something I try and do all the time, and it’s really paying off.

Be unique

There is so much generic crap out there. There are so many people just writing or recording generic content. Copy and pasting sales pages or JV pages, coming up with lame listicles, buying cheap content written in some farm in the Philippines, etc. People just half-assing it. It’s a bit depressing.

And I have to say, the popularity of “DFY” funnels and campaigns doesn’t help this. People are often so lazy, they get the vendors to do all the content writing and promotion for them. But the problem with that is, now you sound the same as everyone else. And that’s a guaranteed way to not get heard.

There is just so much damn content out there. So many websites and blogs, so many Youtube videos, so many facebook posts, it’s ridiculous. Even good content can sometimes struggle to stand out. So what hope does generic copy and pasted content have? Not much at all.

You need to be different. You need to be you. You need to put your unique approach and perspective and spin on things. This will not just help you stand out, it will help build authority, which is the most valuable asset of all. And that is because people will realise you are a real person with a real voice, and that will automatically build trust. Nobody will trust someone that just sounds like a Messenger bot (or possibly is just a Messenger bot!)

Be authentic

face unique marketingYou also have to be authentic. Not just unique, but truly and powerfully you. Let people know what you really think. Let people know what keeps you up at night. Let people know what keeps you driving forward. Let people know your story, your passions, and your frustrations.

If you’re doing a review, give it an honest review. I know we’re usually pushing affiliate offers, and we want to do the hard sell. But if I don’t really believe in a product, I just won’t review it or push it at all. I’ll just skip and move onto the next one.

There are always products and offers out there to promote. Don’t push crappy ones and put a crappy semi-fake spin on it. Just move on to the next one until you find something you really believe in, and let people know what it is and why you believe in it.

Make sure to let your real emotions come through. A bit of anger, a bit of hope, a bit of sadness, a bit of rage. You should make at least some people a bit uncomfortable. You might even generate some haters.

I did that once. I had someone attack me viciously on Twitter. At first I was really upset. Then after a while I was really happy and excited. Some big influencer, someone who has published books and runs a major international consultancy, had taken the time out of his busy day to deal with me. That’s when I knew I had made it!

If you haven’t pissed at least someone off, you haven’t really pushed yourself forward.

So keep pushing. Keep getting yourself out there. Not regurgitating someone else’s bland content, but your own real, authentic and powerful voice.

Your audience will love you for it – and so will I.

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