Bloggii review

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Feb 10
bloggii review

Two internet marketers recently released a product called Bloggii. It might be a strange name, but it is based on a simple concept: how to easily build and scale up a profitable blog.

I’ve gone through the Bloggii course and will be giving you my honest feedback on this product, and whether I think you should buy it or not.

What is Bloggii?

Bloggii is a training product by two successful marketers, Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko. It basically teaches you how to choose a niche, setup a blog, get content done for cheap, and scale it up for big traffic and profits.

It consists of a series of video training modules on profitable blogging, starting with the basics and then proceeding into more advanced strategies for traffic and content.

Who is it for?

Bloggii is perfect for people who are interested in internet marketing, making money online and passive income, but are prepared to put in some extra work and build a lasting digital asset of real value. And if you know me at all, that’s exactly what I believe in!

These guys are on the same page as me. They believe that internet marketing is a marathon not a sprint (it is, unless you are doing CPA marketing or something completely different like that).

And that a blog is one of the best long-term income-producing digital assets you can build (it is).

So I really like the approach and philosophy behind Bloggii. It is pretty much exactly what I believe and follow.

There are some differences between how these guys focus on traffic though, which I’ll get too soon.

Bloggii doesn’t assume a lot of knowledge and teaches you from the ground up, though ends up getting into some pretty advanced traffic strategies. So it can appeal to a wide range of people, from total beginners through to experts.

I’m pretty damn experienced when it comes to building blogs and I still learned a lot from this course, mainly because of the traffic strategies, which I’ll get to soon.

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What are the advantages of Bloggii?

There are lots of advantages to Bloggii. The main one is that as I said, it covers a wide range of experience. You can be totally new or pretty experienced or anywhere inbetween and get something out of the course.

Another interesting advantage is that it doesn’t assume you will be writing the content for the blogs. In fact, they outsource most of their content and they recommend you do too!

I personally don’t outsource much at all of my content (a little bit on my other websites, none at all on this one). But that’s ok – not everyone is a writer and not everyone likes writing.

The main advantage of Bloggii though is the traffic section. This is where these guys go down a very different path to what I do, and I learned a lot here. As you may know, I focus on traffic from SEO for my blog. It’s hard work but I love it and it pays off in the long run.

These guys however are Pinterest nuts and Pinterest experts, so Pinterest is their main traffic source. And this course includes a big and very in-depth section on Pinterest traffic!

To be honest I barely knew a thing about Pinterest before I took this course, and I was pretty skeptical. I thought it was just a site where moms shared photos of cakes. It turns out I was very wrong indeed about this untapped traffic source!

These guys really know their stuff on Pinterest and their strategies work. I applied them and Pinterest is now one of the main traffic sources on this blog! Pinterest is dynamite (I wrote briefly about how you can get traffic from Pinterest here, but it is nowhere near as good as what these guys have done). And I am definitely now convert! This platform is definitely one worth investing in your time in.

I looked up Pinterest traffic strategies from other places and I couldn’t find anything as good as what is taught in this course. These guys are the experts (and they’re not mompreneurs! How outrageous!).

So Bloggii is almost two excellent courses in one, for a low price. One on how to start and build up a blog, which you might or might not already know. And an extra one on how to get traffic from Pinterest. Which not a lot of people know about! Either course would stand well on its own,  but you get them both here together in one package, which is great.

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What are the drawbacks?

The only main drawback for Bloggii is that they don’t talk about SEO at all. If you know me, you know I am an SEO nut so I was a bit surprised and disappointed about that. I thought they could have at least covered it a little bit.

SEO is not just a big free traffic source, but it has “search intent” behind it. You’re not interrupting people’s social media feed with a post or an ad. People are already actively searching for the topic that your website covers!

So I’ve decided to make up for this with a really special bonus.

If you buy Bloggii through my link, I’ll send you my on-page SEO checklist for free, and give you a free email consultation on SEO for your blog or website.

You can send me your site and I’ll give it a quick lookover from an SEO perspective and send you a report. I’ve studied SEO under one of the world’s leading SEO affilate experts, Matt Diggity (look him up if you’re curious), so I know my stuff when it comes to SEO.

Or if you don’t have a site yet, let me know your niche and I’ll send you my suggestions for keyword research and site architecture, to get you off on the right foot. This can save you a lot of work and pain in the long run!

And you’ll get all this free if you buy Bloggii through my link – which only costs a few dollars.

Summary – Bloggii review

For those who want to avoid the dangerous pitfalls of CPA marketing and paid advertising, Bloggii is an excellent investment. These are two smart marketers who seriously know their stuff and have built up a powerful empire from these simple but shockingly powerful blogs.

If you are interested in passive income and free traffic, and want access to one of the best Pinterest courses around basically for free (it’s part of Bloggii), then you want to get Bloggii ASAP and start succeeding with blogging!

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