Can blogging make money?

By Citizen Affiliate | Blogging

Oct 27
can blogging make money

Blogging was super cool about ten years ago. Every man and his dog had a blog. You had kids with blogs, moms with blogs (“mompreneurs”, eww), and even the hamburger restaurant down the road started a blog. But do blogs still work? Can blogging make money these days? I think they can – and I’ll tell you how and why.

Why blogs work

Blogs are an important part of any digital marketing or digital entrepreneurship strategy. They might be old and old-fashioned, but they’ve been around a long time because they work.

Look at any digital company or internet marketer, and you will find they have a blog 99% of the time. If they didn’t work they wouldn’t do them.

They are important or a number of reasons.

Trust and authority

Blogs are important for building up trust and authority. And these are crucial for succcess in internet marketing and affiliate marketing.

Some people say making money online is just about traffic and offer. Get decent traffic, send it to a decent offer, and you’ll make money. I don’t think that’s true.

People usually only buy from someone they trust, or on recommendation from someone they trust. If you have a blog and put out lots of great content, you can build up that trust and that relationship. This will help your conversion rates, now and in the future.

Repeat visits

Because blogs are all about putting out more and more content over time (as opposed to a static website), people come back to them again and again. Repeat visits help you build relationship, help build up social signals, and help you accumulate backlinks.

And backlinks are still the most important part of search engine optimization (SEO), which helps drive more visits and more repeat visits. So it becomes a virtuous circle.

Free targeted traffic

Over time, if your blog regularly puts out lots of good quality content, you will start getting organic search traffic. And that is the holy grail of all traffic.

Organic search traffic is the best because it is free and targeted. Social media traffic (spamming links on Twitter or whatever) is free but not targeted. Your content is interrupting someone’s newsfeed and just because they’re allegedly interested in some hashtag doesn’t mean much.

Paid search traffic is targeted (people are searching for a specific thing, so they must be interested in that thing), but it’s not free. In fact, it can be very expensive.

Paid social traffic (e.g. Facebook) ads is the worst of both worlds: it is paid and cold and untargeted. You’re paying to interrupt someone’s newsfeeds. But the potential audience is huge so is very scalable, and Facebook has some pretty good targeting options. And if you’re really know what you’re doing, you can run retargeting as (which is taught in the Increaserr and Fuego Breakout methods).

But organic search is the best of all possible worlds. It’s just slow and hard to build up. But if your blog grow and can bring in that traffic, it can generate lots of money. That’s because your cost of acquisition (cost to get a new customer) is virtually zero.

Ways blogs can make money

There are a bunch of ways that blogs can make money. And these aren’t going away anytime soon.

Affiliate marketing

The easiest is probably with affiliate marketing. You don’t have to build a product.
The easiest way is with affiliate marketing.

You just find other good products that other people are releasing – and you promote them on your blog.

You might not make as many commissions as the product vendor, but you don’t have to make any products. You just have to promote it!

So writing some review articles on your blog can be a good way to get some affiliate sales. This works especially well with an audience who have already seen your work and with whom you have already built up some trust.

Email marketing

Don’t forget the power of email marketing. Email may not be quite as strong as it was a few years ago, but it is still very effective.

Start building a list ASAP.- and send out a combination of low ticket and high ticket offers to that list

Despite what some people will tell you, the money is still in the list.

But you don’t just need an email or two, you need a proper sequence of emails. Proper email marketing is as much an art as it is a science. So it it difficult to provide a simple formula for email success.

But basically, you want to create a stream of targeted emails that add value and that send offers to your audience.

Finding that balance between value and promotional offers is obviously a balancing act and will take some practice.


You can also monetize your blog through advertising.

This can seem an easy “slam dunk” for people starting out in blogging. You don’t need your own products, you don’t need to promote other products, you don’t need to worry about conversions.

You just plaster ads all over your blog, and make some easy money. Easy right?

Well, not so fast.

Unfortunately, ads make basically no money until your site is at 20K or 30K visitors per month. By which time you are probably making good money through other means.

Also, they make your blog look slow and cheap and reduce your user experience. So it’s something you have to balance.


I hope you found this article on how blogging can make money helpful. If so, please leave a note in the comments below!