Commission Wave review

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May 20
commission wave review

There’s a new training product making some waves (cough cough!) at the moment. I’ve recently completed the training in this product, and it’s time for my Commission Wave review. I’ll explain what it is, how it works, and whether I think you should get it.

What is Commission Wave?

Commission Wave is an information / training product by an internet marketer called Rob Reece. It is a thorough system for getting leads and sales using affiliate marketing principles. It is aimed more at beginners rather than advanced marketers. It involves using content marketing and free traffic – which are super solid and proven strategies.

These form the core of my internet marketing activities, and a lot of what I do has been informed by this course, to be honest.

What is in Commission Wave?

commission wave productCommission Wave consists of a series of videos, around 20. Most are five to ten minutes long, so can be consumed pretty easily in bite-sized chunks.

I think this is a good amount of content for a course – not too much, not too little.

It teaches you how to choose a product to promote, how to get approved, how to build a simple site for reviews, how to build an audience, and how to promote your offer to the product reviews using free traffic.

There are a number of things I really liked about Commission Wave.

This is a complete system

Firstly, it is a complete system. Some products specialize and teach only one thing. It might be Youtube traffic, or email marketing, or whatever. This is a complete system to teach beginners everything they need to know. There are no real gaps here. And in fact, you can easily pay $50 or $100 to learn the material taught in this course.

It shows you how to find and get approved for products. It covers how to start a blog and write reviews. There is plenty of material on how to create and promote content and get eyeballs on your reviews. There are even some tutorials on email marketing and building a list.

Again, you can go and pay $50 or $100 for a course on email marketing, squeeze pages, followup sequences and so on. But you get all that taught here for free on top of the main course material.

It’s all free baby, yeah!

Another benefit is that everything (and I mean everything) covered in the course is free.

Such as how to get free access to review and promote products, how to start a free blog (using one of the best blogging platforms in the world right now), how to get free traffic. Even how to get a professional email marketing tool for free! Nothing in this course costs even one cent to use.

wordpress blog

Rob teaches how to make money from a free blog and free traffic

So it is perfect for beginners who might be on a tight budget because they haven’t started making money online yet.

This is also a “newbie-friendly” product. A lot of things claim that, but this system genuinely is.

It explains all the concepts step-by-step from the ground up, in plain English. It uses simple free tools – no complex SEO or weird systems.

There are a few steps that require some technical skills or setup, and where there are, Rob walks you through it on-screen. So you can’t really get stuck even if you are a beginner.

Rob will look after you

It’s also taught by Rob Reece, who is a genuine guy with a big heart.

Rob Reece commission wave teacher

Rob Reece is one of the most ethical and helpful marketers around

Rob will invite you into his Facebook group for students of this course, and I can assure you, he is active and passionate with his customers.

You will be getting updates, motivational emails, extra content, Facebook live, the works. 

Rob cares about his students and is not one of those marketers who drop products and then disappears to drink cocktails on a beach and you never hear from them again. He wants you to help you succeed and I have seen and experienced him do that over and over.

Does Commission Wave work?

Well, fortunately, it does! Just a couple of days after learning and starting applying the Commission Wave, I got a commission! It was only $12, but that paid for the course already! And I’m putting more pieces into place so should be getting many more commissions in the days to come.

Commission Wave – are there any Drawbacks?

wave product drawbacksThere aren’t many drawbacks to this product. It is a good, simple system that can reliably start producing income. Like all good products, it does require work. It is not a push-button system that magically makes money without work – those don’t exist! But it works if you put in the effort.

The only disadvantage I can think of is that as I mentioned, it is beginner-friendly. So if you are a more experienced marketer, there might not be much value for you here. But then you’d probably be better off buying a different product like The Lost Code or Instant Buyer Traffic.

Commission Wave Review – Summary and Bonuses

Overall, Commission Wave is a really solid product. It has a low price point and is very friendly for beginners or people struggling to make their first sales. It is taught by a teacher who is super passionate about helping people succeed. So I would definitely recommend checking it out.

If you decide to go ahead and buy through my link, I can offer some bonuses as part of my Commission Wave review.

I’ve got some bonuses for you…

I have put together a PDF that goes into detail about how to get started with blogging. This will be really useful especially if you decide to go with and get your own domain and proper hosting (which I recommend you do).

I normally sell this for $7 but you’ll get it free if you buy Commission Wave through my link below.

I will also include an extra PDF which is a checklist for setting up a WordPress site. This is something I have done many times and have learnt some important tricks and gotchas. If you follow this checklist, you’ll be sure to not make any of these mistakes.

So if you want to get real results and a proven system to get started with affiliate marketing, what are you waiting for? The button is right there…

get Commission Wave