Emoji Traffic Review – does this product actually work?

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Feb 01
emoji traffic review

You might have heard of a system making the rounds called Emoji Traffic. You might be wondering “what on earth is that? How can I get traffic from Emojis? What does it do for me?”.

Well, I can tell you in my Emoji Traffic Review, that it is real, it is a system for getting free traffic, and it definitely works. In fact, I got my first sale from using this system within a couple of days of trying it!

It will change the way you do internet marketing and free traffic. I have bought and used this product and stand by it 100% – it is one of the best systems I’ve purchased.

Emoji Traffic Review – so what actually is Emoji Traffic?

Emoji Traffic is a product that teaches a way to generate leads and sales using 100% free traffic. I can’t go into too much detail, because that would be giving away the secrets of the product.

All I’ll say that it involves a creative and fun use of social media marketing to build connections and promote products in an interactive and NON-spamming way.

Which is important! Nobody wants to be another boring spammer.

So there is, of course, some work required. This isn’t one of those stupid “set and forget” or “push-button” systems that promises to make money just by you sitting there watching TV. Those generally don’t work at all.

So there is some work required, probably about half an hour a day. But it’s not much, and it’s pretty fun. There is no blogging, surveys, SEO or making videos required.

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What do you get with Emoji Traffic?

So what do you get with the Emoji Traffic System? Actually quite a lot.

First up, the teacher Rahim gives some general advice about psychology and motivation and how to have the right mindset for results. This isn’t really specific to the Emoji Traffic product, but he does a good job of it.

I find these things are often helpful to go through, even if you’ve seen similar material before, to make you more motivated to work hard. Which will mean you’ll get better results from the product.

emoji traffic review

Next, there are a series of videos explaining the Emoji Traffic system. Again, I can’t go into too much detail because that would be giving away secrets from the Emoji Traffic system. But Rahim does a good job of explaining not just the “what” of the system, but the “how” and the “why” as well.

Finally, there is a series of case studies. These are really valuable because you can actually watch over the teacher’s shoulder as he creates and releases Emoji Traffic campaigns. It is pretty hard to go wrong with this system when you can watch the teacher do it himself.

I really liked having these included free with the Emoji Traffic system. Most products like this will make you pay $10 or $20 for case studies as an upsell. With Emoji Traffic, you get the case studies straight away for free!

There is also an extra bonus, which is a cheat sheet describing a special extension of the Emoji Traffic system. I won’t say too much about it but this is a VERY important and powerful extension of the system (taught by the other course creator, Aidan Corkery). And has actually become another course in its own right! (contact me if you want to know more about that, or check out my review of Instant Buyer Traffic).

Does Emoji Traffic actually work?

emoji traffic earnings

So does the system actually work? I was a little skeptical, having tried a few of these “make easy money” systems that didn’t go anywhere. Well, it turns out this one does!

In fact, I made my first ever affiliate sale just a couple of days after I bought this product, using the Emoji Traffic system!

It was an exciting day for me. I’ve gone on to have some more successes too – I made over $100 over the next few days. I haven’t reached $200 days or anything yet, but it is a system that builds up over time as you grow your list (not email list, this doesn’t use email at all) and your abilities.

I had tried some other systems and found that they either didn’t generate results, or were a lot of work. And those were both big problems.

So Emoji Traffic so far is the winner for me. It does actually require some work, don’t get me wrong.

Any product or system that creates real results will require work. But it is only about 30 minutes a day, and it is actually quite fun! Especially if you like writing, social media, images and being creative.

Who is Emoji Traffic for? Should I get it?

Overall, I would really recommend Emoji Traffic, especially for those who like social media and want to start making money online. It is a good, fun, simple system that can be picked up quickly and used to generate sales within a week of starting it. And it’s currently on sale for a very cheap price. So get it now!
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If you buy through my link, I can offer you a bonus cheatsheet with some extra “power tips” I have put together from using this product. You will find a link to it in your Warrior Plus purchase page. But make sure you buy through the button above or this link!

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