How to pick a niche on Instagram

By Citizen Affiliate | Internet Marketing

Oct 08
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If you want to succeed and make money with Instagram (via methods like affiliate marketing), you want to make a niche page, not a personal page. A niche page is based around a topic (aka a subject or “niche). As opposed to a personal page, which is just “photos of me and my life”. But what niche should you pick? This choice is crucial and has a huge effect on how you will grow and make money. This article will tell you how to pick a niche, and tell you which ones I recommend. Let’s get straight to it!

The long-term view for success on Instagram

Before you go anywhere, you need to start with the right perspective. You want to take a long-term view and “start with the end in mind”. This is a core concept of the amazing book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey.

Some people go into Instagram wanting to get a big follower number just to feel good or show off to their friends. This is a joke and a waste of time. If you want to do that, go waste $100 on buying thousands of fake followers (never do this by the way), then go back to watching reality television or some other waste of time.

Some people want to try and make a quick buck by getting an account to 50K followers so that they can sell a few shoutouts for $20. This is not a good idea either. You will have to work hard to get an account to that level, and shoutouts are not a very good monetization method.

That’s because they are not very lucrative and not at all scalable.

You can’t really do more than a few shoutouts a day without annoying your followers. So the most you will be making from your followers is $50 to $100 a day. You can make a lot more than that with product sales.

The ultimate goal is a safe, big, healthy account in a valuable niche, that makes income from selling digital products (either your own products, or someone else’s i.e. affiliate marketing), or physical products (either your own products, or more likely someone else’s, i.e. e-commerce).

If you can do that, you can scale that up to a lot of money. If you can get a lot of your followers to buy products and you are making $10, $20 or $50 each when they buy a product, you can get a lot more money from 50K followers than you would from selling shoutouts. You can only do so many $50 shoutouts a day, but there is no limit to how many $50 sales you can make per day

That being said, you can of course do some shoutouts here and there to boost your income too.

How to pick a niche on Instagram

So we know what our long-term view is: a big account with an active, wealthy audience. But not just any audience: people who want to buy products. And the best way to get people to buy products is to offer them a powerful solution to a burning problem.

The three main problems in life are:

  • Health (fitness, losing weight, getting strong, fixing your gut or heart or whatever, etc)
  • Wealth (getting rich, increasing your income, buying assets, paying off debt, etc)
  • Relationships (getting a date, getting sexual partners, having children, fixing a marriage or relationship, etc).

These are considered the three “Super Niches” where most of the money is to be made, especially for selling digital products.

Some people say there is a fourth Super Niche: Personal Development (think Tony Robbins), which is a combination of all three. This one is hard to crack so I wouldn’t recommend it.

There are also niches where are a lot of money is to be made selling physical products. These are not so much selling a solution to a problem as they are feeding people’s hobbies and habits.

Think golf, fishing, tennis, DIY, fashion, collectibles, and so on. These are sometimes called “irrational passions”.

So you want to choose a niche that will end up either offering digital products in one of the three super niches (health, wealth, relationships), or offering physical products in one of the “irrational passions” or “hobbies” (golf, tennis, fashion, DIY, etc).

Niches to avoid

There are lot of niches that have a lot of interest and can get traffic and followers, but you should avoid. These are niches that are superficial: they are about cheap entertainment or distractions. Think cat videos, cartoons, memes, viral videos, computer game videos or memes, and so on.

These can be  very popular, but you are not building a quality audience, and you are not offering solutions to problems. You will never be able to properly monetize an audience in this niche. The only way you can make money from a page like that is with selling shoutouts, and you won’t be able to charge much because your audience is not quality.

There are also the controversial niches: adult, gambling, drugs, weapons. These niches have potentially large audiences but Instagram does not like them at all. and it is likely they will block your content, ban your account, or both. So do not even consider entering those niches.

If you really want to focus on that audience, a blog or website is a better choice than Instagram, since you own the content platform and the audience, so you can’t get banned.

Instagram specific niches

There are also a few odd niches that don’t fit into the above categories but are peculiar to Instagram.

They are Travel, Luxury, and Motivational Quotes.

These are not bad as niches because they attract a pretty quality audience (who are at least interested in money and “the good life”). They are extremely popular on Instagram because they lend themselves very well to visual media, and Instagram is obviously a visual platform. If you think about it, people would rather look at travel or luxury photos than read an article about travel or luxury.

However, they have some disadvantages.

Travel and Luxury are difficult niches to create original content in, and when your account reaches a certain size, you will want to start uploading original content.

Motivational Quotes is very easy to create original content in, but the audience is not very high quality. A couple of years ago it was maybe, but now it is dominated by young people from developing countries with little or no money. So the audience is now very difficult to monetize.

Summary: best niches

In summary, the best niches on Instagram are:

  • Business (very popular, attracts a quality audience, interested in digital products around wealth or internet marketing, easy to create content)
  • Fitness (very popular, attracts a quality audience, interested in digital products around fitness, interested in physical products also about fitness e.g. supplements)

Other potentially good ones are:

  • Hobbies (such as golf, DIY, fashion – medium popular, attracts a quality audience, interested in physical products in their hobby, may not be easy to create original content).
  • Motivational quotes (very popular, easy to create content, not a very quality audience, possibly interested in digital products around wealth or internet marketing).
  • Travel, Luxury (quite popular, attracts a quality audience, hard to generate content, possibly interested in physical or digital products around travel services or luxury items)

My personal favorite and the one I have had the most success in is business. I feel it has so many advantages and almost no disadvantages (other than starting to become a bit crowded, so get in quick!).

Of course, your choice should also depend on you: your background, skills, interests, and experience. If you’re really interested in men’s fashion, then great, make an account in that niche. However, this concept only applies to a certain extent. If you are talented at and passionate about editing movie scripts, then I would not recommend this for an Instagram niche. It does not translate well to visual content, there is a small audience, and it is hard to monetize.

So try to find a balance between what you are interested in, and how big and monetizable the audience in that niche is.