Instant Buyer Traffic review

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May 13
Instant Buyer Traffic review

There’s a new product that is the talk of the town in the Internet Marketing world, and it is called Instant Buyer Traffic. I’ve gone through the product end to end and I’ve started using it. This is my Instant Buyer Traffic review – I’ll explain what it is, how it works and whether you should get it.

Instant Buyer Traffic – what is it?

Instant Buyer TrafficInstant Buyer Traffic is an Internet Marketing product by an Irish schoolteacher (now turned fulltime internet marketer) called Aidan Corkery. In some ways it builds upon and extends the principles laid out in Emoji Traffic (Aidan was a co-author of the Emoji Traffic system).

Instant Buyer Traffic focuses heavily on how to build up the best buyer list (not an email list, using social media instead). Aidan Corkery has come up with an ingenious way to create a hyper (and I mean HYPER) targeted buyers list.

Instant Buyer Traffic teaches how to start your list (there are a couple of ways, he explains each of them and their pros and cons), then the best way to add people to it, and how to promote offers to it.

It is quite a long and thorough course. I think of it is a more advanced version of Emoji Traffic, aimed at slightly more experienced marketers.

Instant Buyer Traffic also features a quite detailed case study, where Aidan Corkery shows you in detail how he uses the system to generate sales. This is an interesting example, especially because he uses it for a product of his own.

A lot of products and marketers will make you pay extra for a case study through an upsell. The fact that you get a case study here for free is a great bonus!

That’s an advantage of Instant Buyer Traffic – it can be used to promote any type of product in any niche. And it can work for your own offers, or other people’s affiliate offers. Depending on what you want to do with it.

The power of free traffic

A lot of marketers these days teach paid traffic methods. And while those are good for moving and scaling up quickly, paid traffic has a big drawback – it costs a lot of money!

Especially with Google and Facebook getting a stranglehold on the search and social markets (respectively). And then jacking up the prices.

This has forced a lot of people out of the paid traffic market. So free traffic has become a much more appealing method – and is good for beginners too, who might not have the budget, experience or risk appetite for sending paid traffic to their offers.

What is in the course?

The course is made up a number of training modules, each of which has multiple videos. So there’s a lot of content here.

Module 1 is an overview of the system and some lessons on how to get started with this free traffic method.

Module 2 goes into detail about how to add and build up a list of targeted buyers (these people you will be connecting with are 100% proven to be buyers and not freebie-seekers – you will see how this works in the course).

Module 3 is about how to start scaling this up to a list of 1000 targeted buyers. And Aidan himself shows you how this can be done, so it is not fiction.

Module 4 is a detailed case study about making money from the Instant Buyer Traffic list you have been building up.

Module 5 contains some more advanced tactics and case studies from maximizing your results and commissions with this traffic method.

Who is it for?

Instant Buyer Traffic is for internet marketers who want to learn a new system for promoting offers using targeted free traffic on social media. Yes, the traffic is targeted and open to offers but is 100% free! This is a huge advantage.

It is not a difficult system but the training is quite detailed. If you are more of a beginner, you might want to consider starting with Emoji Traffic, then moving onto Instant Buyer Traffic. That’s what I did, and it worked really well.

But both are excellent products teaching a similar system, and these definitely work.

Instant Buyer Traffic – does it work?

instant buyer earnings

It sure does! I put Emoji Traffic and Instant Buyer Traffic into place and quickly started making commissions. This is what I made in one day with two simple campaigns that took me only 15 minutes to set up!

There was a bit of extra work in building the list, but that is just five or ten minutes per day. Overall, this is a good result, especially since I had a pretty small list to work with and it was my first time.

This is definitely a system that works and can scale up well.

What are the drawbacks?

The course including the case studies is a little long, but for me, that’s not really a drawback. I prefer courses that are a bit meatier, instead of the one or two-hour ones you sometimes get

It is also a system that requires a bit of work, but that’s like any good system. This is not a stupid get rich quick or pyramid scheme, this is about building a real business with a long-term profitable buyers list that you build up over time and can make a profit from for months or years.

Instant Buyer Traffic Review – Summary

Overall, Instant Buyer Traffic definitely lives up to the hype (as of the time of writing, it is smashing the sales charts and Product of the Day on JVZoo, which is no mean feat). It is a solid and powerful system for affiliate marketing using the perfect holy grail: traffic that is super targeted, yet completely free!

instant traffic buy

If you want to start landing commissions and make real money with internet marketing, go get Instant Buyer Traffic right now (or get Emoji Traffic first then get this!).

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