Launchify review

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Jun 04
Launchify review

Launchify is a new Internet Marketing product by Matt MacKinnon and Piyush Harne. It is a new and really interesting twist on an old Internet Marketing favourite, Launchjacking. But Launchify takes a different approach and can launch your profits way into the stratosphere. In this review I’ll be providing my honest views and feedback after going through all the material in the course.

Launchify – what is it?

Launchify is a marketing training program by a couple of marketers who have researched, tested and perfected a system for launchjacking. This is a method where you swoop in as soon as a product launches and get traffic from people searching for a product and get a pile of affiliate commissions.

Launchjacking is of course nothing new, and there have been a few courses launched recently that focus on it. But these guys are NOT doing what everyone else is doing. Not at all.

They are targeting a different kind of launch to everyone else (high ticket as opposed to low ticket offers), and they are using a completely different method to the standard one that everyone else is teaching (I’m not going to reveal what it is, I can’t give away too much).

I got exclusive early access to Launchify and I have gone through the program completely. I have to say I was completely blown away by the quality of this product.

There are plenty of good quality videos with a lot of good content – some of the individual vidoes are 30 or 40 minutes. Which is good, because I’ve been disappointed by a few courses lately which are very light on content. You won’t get that here. It will probably take you a few days at least to get through all the material here.

The video on Facebook advertising alone has more content in it than some courses I have gone through recently! So if paid traffic is something you’re interested in, you might want to check this product out.

They cover some individual topics here almost as well as some other entire courses do on those topics – and that is just one part of the Launchify picture! These guys have a very specific strategy, it is very focused and very methodical and very, very powerful.

This is real stuff aimed at people who want to earn real high-ticket commissions – $500, $1000, $2000 commissions – and they have a refined and targeted system for getting them. It is the real deal and this is going to shake up the Internet Marketing world for some time.launchify rocket

Launchify – who is it for?

Launchify is for people who want to start earning really big commissions. Which might sound like everyone, but it isn’t really. This is a system that requires some work and some planning. This is not chasing $2 CPA commissions or $10 Clickbank commissions, this is a system for targetting the big leagues and beating the super affiliates at their own game!

That might sound like an impossible task, but it isn’t. The marketers behind Launchify know their stuff, and they have put together a serious strategy and system for winning these high-ticket affiliate contests.

If you want to take your affiliate marketing game to the next level, this simply is the product for you. I probably would not recommend it for complete beginners, or those who have never made any money online.

If that sounds like you, then some of the tactics in here (they include paid traffic) might be a bit daunting for you. I would probably start with a simpler paid traffic method first, then work your way up to the system in Launchify.

A better course would be something like Emoji Traffic or Instant Buyer Traffic. Those systems use free traffic and are easier to get started with.

If you like the idea of high-ticket products and commissions but you’re more interested in software than training, then you might want to check out Aurora. It is a combined training and software package for getting high ticket commissions. They also include automatic approval for promoting a product that pays $1000 commissions, so that’s a pretty impressive bonus in itself.

If you don’t know where to find high-ticket offers or are struggling to get approval, Aurora could be for you.

Launchify – what are the drawbacks?

There aren’t many drawbacks to Launchify. One I can think of, is that, as I said, this is not a system for everybody.

Their method does require not just work but some planning. You need to research, you need to think ahead a bit, you need to have a plan and a calendar.

This is not something where you pop into Facebook or something every now and then and earn $50. This is a system where you build and implement a full battle plan for attacking the affiliate board of a major high-ticket launch and earning thousands of dollars in a week.

So if you’re a total newbie and not interested in putting in any work, this is not for you. For everyone else, it’s a no-brainer.

Launchify does not find the products for you to promote, or help you get approved. If you’re having trouble finding these offers or getting approved, you might want to check out Aurora, as I mentioned.

The Lost Code also comes with approval for a 1K product (and is an amazing course in itself), so you might want to check that out too.

Product Review – Summary and bonuses

Overall, I am completely blown away by Launchify, and I don’t say that often. These guys have put together a shockingly powerful system that is going to shake things up. I feel honoured to have been invited as part of the initial beta group, and I cannot wait to start putting this into action and seeing the high ticket commissions roll in.

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If you go ahead and get Launchify through my link, you will be eligible for the following bonuses:

  • Onpage SEO Checklist: for getting free organic traffic to your review sites (or any other sites you might have!)
  • MOBILEE: How to make money online using your smartphone
  • Flipadom: How To Make Money By Flipping Domain Names
  • Craigsbank: how to make money with service arbitrage

So what are you waiting for? Get Launchify now!