affiliate marketing step by step
Nov 30

Affiliate marketing step by step

By Leon Tranter | Affiliate Marketing

This article pulls together material from other articles in a big powerful summary. It will teach you how to get started in affiliate marketing, step by step. It covers all the bases and leaves no stones unturned. So let’s get started! What is affiliate marketing again? Affiliate marketing is pretty simple: it’s where you promote […]

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internal links seo
Nov 29

Internal links for SEO

By Leon Tranter | SEO

You probably know that links are very important for SEO, right? Right. Well there two main types – external links and internal links. Most people focus on the external links, which are also called backlinks. But don’t forget the internal links! They’re really important too. This article will explain everything I know about internal links […]

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long form content
Nov 27

The power of long form content

By Leon Tranter | Blogging

I’ve talked about content marketing (and why I think it’s better than funnels and other approaches). And about the importance of blogging to marketing. One of the best ways to really ramp up your blog traffic and authority is by producing some long-form content. I’ll explain what that is, what types there are, and how […]

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keyword search volume
Nov 26

The problems with keyword search volume

By Leon Tranter | SEO

If you’re interested in blogging, content marketing and SEO (Search Engine Opitmization), you’re probably interested in keyword search volume. This is a much more complex and annoying topic than many people realize! In this article, I’ll explain the problems with keyword search volume, and some ways to get around those problems. What is keyword search […]

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productivity guide for blogging
Nov 22

Productivity guide for bloggers

By Leon Tranter | Uncategorized

So you’re going to take up blogging. Good on you! It’s the best way to build trust and authority, generate organic traffic, and build an email list. And eventually, make piles of money with affiliate marketing (or maybe product creation). But it’s also a hell of a lot of hard work! So in this article, […]

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duplicate content seo
Nov 21

Duplicate content and SEO

By Leon Tranter | SEO

There’s a common misconception in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) field that duplicate content is this big scary monster. And that webmasters and bloggers need to be scared about it and make sure they never receive a dreaded “duplicate content” penalty. This is all nonsense! This article will explain the truth about SEO and duplicate […]

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how to do keyword research
Nov 20

How to do keyword research

By Leon Tranter | SEO

Keywords are an extremely important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you don’t know what keywords you are trying to rank for, how can you rank for them? Identifying the best keywords to go for is crucial to your SEO success. And there are bunch of things that go into this process. So let’s […]

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how to improve blog content
Nov 19

How to improve your blog posts

By Leon Tranter | Blogging

I’ve talked about the whole quantity versus quality thing and told you what I believe. You should start with quantity (and quickly create big piles of content), then move to quality and improve that content. But how exactly do you do that? This article will explain the most powerful ways you can improve your blog […]

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