Nov 09

Free traffic vs paid traffic

By Leon Tranter | Uncategorized

One of the big debates in internet marketing is free traffic vs paid traffic. This article will explain the real differences between the two, the pros and cons of each, and the strategy I use. It might not be what you expect! So let’s find out about the difference between free traffic vs paid traffic. […]

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Nov 08

How do websites really work?

By Leon Tranter | General marketing

A lot of people struggle with technology when they’re starting on their marketing journey. Don’t let that person be you! In this article I’m going to go “under the hood” and give you a newbie-friendly explanation of how websites actually work. Understanding this stuff will make your life easier when it comes to building websites […]

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affiliate marketing myths busted
Nov 07

11 Biggest affiliate marketing myths

By Leon Tranter | Affiliate Marketing

There are a whole bunch of weird and dangerous myths about affiliate marketing going around. In this article, I’m going to blow apart these eleven dangerous myths right before your very eyes! So let’s get started busting some affiliate marketing myths. Affiliate marketing is easy Some people think that affiliate marketing is some super easy […]

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keyword cannibalization
Nov 06

What is keyword cannibalization?

By Leon Tranter | SEO

You might have heard of keyword cannibalization. It’s an advanced topic in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). To understand it properly, you need to really get your head around SEO and understand what keywords really are. In this article, I’ll dispel some SEO myths, explain what is keyword cannibalization, and tell you what you can do […]

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trinity review
Nov 05

Trinity review

By Leon Tranter | Reviews

An up and coming internet marketer named Anthony Mancuso has recently released a new product called The Trinity. This is a simple but powerful system that Anthony has been using to generate pretty serious affiliate income. It was heavily promoted by some serious influencers and marketers and did well, selling over 500 units in a […]

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