free traffic sources
Nov 02

Free traffic sources in 2018

By Leon Tranter | Internet Marketing

If you want to succeed in affiliate marketing (or product marketing for that matter), you’ll need traffic. As many people say, traffic is the lifeblood of an internet marketing business. You also need ways to convert that traffic (to sales or onto your email list). But with no traffic, you don’t even have a chance […]

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beat competitors content
Nov 01

How to beat your competitors’ content

By Leon Tranter | Blogging

So you’ve decided to start a blog (or maybe you already have one!), understand the power of content marketing, and now want to start writing and publishing killer content. That’s great – but what about your competitors? You need to write better content than them. Luckily, I’ve come up with a foolproof way on how […]

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keyword golden ratio
Oct 31

The Keyword Golden Ratio

By Leon Tranter | SEO

Keyword research is a really important topic when planning out your content, if you want to approach it from an SEO perspective. Many people advise a long-tail approach, where you target low volume but easy keywords that you can start ranking with and getting traffic from. But how exactly do you do this? A successful […]

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how to make a squeeze page
Oct 28

How to make a squeeze page

By Leon Tranter | Email Marketing

You’ve probably heard about squeeze pages. Everyone wants one, everyone wants a good one, and everyone knows they are really important for collecting emails and email marketing. But what are they really and how can you make them? This article will explain how to make a squeeze page, with a few different options depending on […]

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can blogging make money
Oct 27

Can blogging make money?

By Leon Tranter | Blogging

Blogging was super cool about ten years ago. Every man and his dog had a blog. You had kids with blogs, moms with blogs (“mompreneurs”, eww), and even the hamburger restaurant down the road started a blog. But do blogs still work? Can blogging make money these days? I think they can – and I’ll […]

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how do backlinks work
Oct 26

How do backlinks work?

By Leon Tranter | SEO

You might have heard about backlinks, and been told how important they are for search engine optimization (SEO). Well they might not be quite as big as they were, but they are still very important for ranking your site. I’m going to tell you all about backlinks, what types they are, how they work, and […]

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tips better writing
Oct 25

Simple tips for better writing

By Leon Tranter | Blogging

You probably want to become a better writer. It’s one of the most valuable skills in the 21st century. I write a lot and I’ve been writing for a long time. I’m going to share some simple tips for becoming a better writer. I’ll include some quick hacks and tools that you can use to […]

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