affiliate marketing
Sep 30

How affiliate marketing works

By Leon Tranter | Affiliate Marketing

You might be new to affiliate marketing. Or maybe you’ve barely heard of it. This article will provide a brief high level introduction to what affiliate marketing is. So you can decide if it is something you want to check out. How affiliate marketing works The concept behind affiliate marketing is very simple. If someone […]

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Sep 29

Increaserr Review

By Leon Tranter | Reviews

You may have heard of a product called Increaserr that launched recently. It caused quite a stir and got people talking. You might be wondering if Increaserr lives up to the hype and if it is worth getting. My review will talk about Increaserr, what it does, and whether I think it is worth checking […]

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blog content plan
Sep 28

Planning your blog content

By Leon Tranter | Blogging

The number one reason people fail with blogging is that they fail to have a content plan. You need to start planning your blog content. It’s that simple. A content plan is the number one thing standing between you and serious success with blogging. Most people don’t have one, and those do don’t usually do […]

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white hat seo
Sep 24

White hat, black hat and grey hat SEO

By Leon Tranter | SEO

I talked recently about Search Engine Optmization, also known as SEO. But what I didn’t tell you is that there are three overall approaches. No, not on-page vs off-page, i.e. the area of focus. I am talking about the ethical approaches, i.e. what “hat” you are wearing. Whether you want to be a “good guy”, […]

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is passive income real
Sep 24

Is “passive income” real?

By Leon Tranter | General marketing

A lot of people are interested in passive income. Who wouldn’t want to be earning money without doing any work? Freeing yourself from the grind of a job is a dream of nearly everybody. However, a lot of people are asking “is passive income real?”. This is an important question and the answer might surprise […]

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search engine optimization
Sep 23

An introduction to SEO

By Leon Tranter | SEO

You would have certainly heard of something SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization”. This is one of the most exciting and popular topics in digital marketing. It is a subject I personally find completely fascinating and have been learning about for a couple of years. So this is my introduction to SEO. What is SEO / […]

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