Profit Portal Review

By Citizen Affiliate | Reviews

Mar 04
profit portal review

A new internet marketing product called Profit Portal has launched. And it is creating shockwaves through the community!

This is a revolutionary new training program by two seriously successful marketers, Kenny Cannon and Saul Maraney. It teaches how even beginners can start making serious affiliate income, using some dead simple techniques.

My review will go through what is in the Traffic Portal, what I feel is missing, and my summary. I’m also offering a serious package of bonuses for those who decide to go ahead and get this excellent product.

Profit Portal – What is it?

The Profit Portal is a video training product, mainly by Kenny Cannon, who is a very successful vendor and marketer. He has a background in offline business and has earned his stripes in old-fashioned sales, cold calling and local business marketing.

Kenny cannon

Kenny Cannon earned his stripes in the brutal world of offline cold-calling sales – these guys do NOT muck around

He and Saul Maraney have won dozens of Product of the Day awards from Warrior Plus and this is their latest blockbuster launch.

The Profit Portal teaches some surprising and ground-breaking techniques for affiliate marketing.

Who is it for?

The Profit Portal is for anyone who is interested in making money online with affiliate marketing.

The great thing about it is that it appeals to a very broad audience.

Because it uses simple techniques, it is very suitable for beginners who are new to making money online. But because their ideas are surprising and go against 99% of what is being taught now, more experienced people who think “they’ve seen it all” can get something out of it too.

How does it work?

The Profit Portal consists of a series of training videos that explain their system. These aren’t crappy four minute videos like you sometimes find, with barely any explanation.


You might not have heard of him but Saul Maraney crushes most “big name” affiliates. This course teaches how he does it.

They are teaching how to make money by promoting affiliate offers from major marketplaces – but this is not the usual crappy boring launchjacking methods you’ve seen a thousand times before. In fact, the methods they teach go against the “collective wisdom” in almost every way!

Which is very interesting and refreshing.

Each video is 20 to 30 minutes in length and there are six of them, so there is plenty of juicy content here.

I was really blown away by the quality of the thinking and training in this product. I’ve seen a lot of ordinary crap that doesn’t work, and these two guys have really delivered.

This is easily the best product of 2019 so far, and one of the best products I’ve seen in a long time.  At the time I bought it the price was $4.95, which is utterly ridiculous for a product of this quality. The price may have gone up by the time you read this review, so check to see what the current price is.

get profit portal

What are the drawbacks?

There aren’t many drawbacks to this system.

It is really most effective when used with an established responsive email list. But if you don’t have one, they teach two techniques to build a strong buyers email list (emphasis on buyers).

And this is not the usual “lead magnet’ that everyone is teaching these days – not at all. They teach two ways to quickly build up a big list of ravenous proven buyers – and I have never seen either of these techniques taught before.

These techniques are a bit unconventional and some people might not be comfortable using them. Therefore, I have put together a massive package of bonuses that show you how to get traffic, build up a list, and make money while doing it.

Profit Portal bonuses

If you’re somehow still on the fence about getting the Profit Portal, I have put together a huge package of 10 quality bonuses. These are real video training products that you would normally pay for, not generic PLR crap.

  1. Bing Traffic Box – how to get cheap (or free!) traffic from Bing Ads
  2. Youtube Five Video Mini-funnel: how to get leads and money from a funnel on Youtube
  3. Traffic Power Pack: three different ways to get powerful targeted traffic for pennies or free
  4. Actionable Youtube Ranking Techniques: get your Youtube vidoes ranking from day 1!
  5. Outsourcer Rolodex: smart people outsource a lot of the grunt work. This shows you the best places to get it done, so you can focus on your business!
  6. Backlink Blueprint: Simple ways to get backlinks to get to page #1 on Google
  7. High Ticket Launch Jacking: the name says it all – launch jack big ticket items to get serious commissions
  8. P1 Profits: An in-depth case study of how to make about $2K in about two days (crazy stuff)
  9. Choose Affiliate Offers like a Pro: the most important part of affiliate marketing is choosing the right offers! This shows you how to do it properly.
  10. Video Domination Mastery: How to start crushing it with video marketing.

Profit Portal – Summary

The Profit Portal is an absurdly strong and valuable product and at this price point it is a complete no-brainer. This product is already changing the way I run my business and I am already getting results from it. So get on board now before the price rises – and start getting profits today.

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