Shiny Object Syndrome

By Leon Tranter | Affiliate Marketing

Sep 05
shiny object syndrome

This article will explain what Shiny Object Syndrome is, where it comes from, and how to avoid it!

What is Shiny Object Syndrome?

Shiny Object Syndrome is a nasty affliction suffered by internet marketers (and sometimes all sorts of people), where you bounce from one shiny toy or product or tool to another, continually looking for an easy win, and achieving nothing.

It often starts when someone spends a fair bit of money or time (or both) on a product and doesn’t get results from it. They become frustrated and go looking for something that promises more results with even less effort.

Of course, this means that they go chasing an even shinier object that is even less likely to provide real value.

This leads to more frustration and disappointment, and before long the junky is chasing their next “quick fix”, which spirals into Shiny Object Syndrome.

Things to look out for

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“Shiny! My shiny thing!”. Copyright holder: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) (BBC North West), Grant Naylor Productions, Paul Jackson Productions

I would beware of any products that promise they can make money with very little or no effort. This is usually an exaggeration, if not an outright lie.

Think about it – if someone invented a system that just created money out of nowhere, with no effort, would they really sell it online? For $12.95? They would keep it for themselves – or sell it to a select few for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I am particularly sceptical of anything that claims you can effortlessly get to the #1 position in the Google search rankings. If thousands of people all buy this thing and think they will get to #1 for a common keyword, who will get to be #1? It doesn’t even make sense.

Also be very, very wary of membership sites that offer a membership for only $20 or so and promise that you can earn thousands of dollars in commissions. These schemes are specifically targeting people suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome.

They will usually quickly sell you up to a “premium” tier which costs thousands of dollars and “unlocks” the products that can (theoretically) earn you the big commissions. And this spiral continues as the victim becomes more desperate to earn back the money they have put down.

Some of these sites are fine but some of them are dangerous scams (like My Online Business Empire and Digital Altitude), and every year or so one of them gets shut down in a big fireball of despair and lawsuits.

How to avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

Here are some simple rules to avoid Shiny Object Syndrome.

Rule #1: One product at a time

This is a simple rule that I have applied recently and had great results from. It really helped me to get my Shiny Object Syndrome under control. The rule is to just only use one product at a time. Do not start or buy or even look at another product until you have finished the one you are currently one.

And that means not just going through the training, installing the software, reading the book or whatever. It also means applying it, properly. Putting in the work (see below). Having a proper try at getting results from it. Or deciding that it simply is not for you, in which case you just bin it and move on.

Rule #2: Research thoroughly

Make sure to research a product thoroughly before investing in it, especially membership sites. Get a few opinions from a few people.

Rule #3: Put in the work

Most importantly, put in the damn work! Make sure that most (80% or more) of your time is spent on actual productive work – writing and promoting content. Products should be a small thing on the side.

Rule #4: Take a break

It’s important to take a breather every now and then. Take your head out of the marketing space, go for a walk, spend some time with your family. Don’t use your downtime on new products, that’s not downtime. You need to recharge your batteries. And then get back into hustling! 🙂

I hope you found this article interesting – let me know if you have had experiences with Shiny Object Syndrome in the comments below!