The Lost Code review

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Sep 17
the lost code review

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past six months, you’ve probably heard of the Lost Code, a blockbuster internet marketing launch from affiliate marketing gurus Brendon Mace and Jono Armstrong. This thing smashed records, sat at the top of charts and got everyone talking. In this Lost Code review, I’ll tell you what it is about, whether it lives up to the hype, and offer you my recommendation and exclusive bonuses.

The Lost Code – what is it?

The Lost Code is a video trainning course by two top marketers. They have decided to break the “code of silence” and spill the secrets of the top affiliates and product vendors. They show in the training that many of the methods taught by these “gurus” are not actually what they are doing behind the scenes.

For example, many affiliates and vendors are teaching how to promote low ticket offers. But the truth is, the top affiliates are actually all chasing high ticket offers behind the scenes. So that’s an example where they are not “practicing what they preach”.

The Lost Code then teaches a specific and extremely powerful method for promoting high ticket offers. Many people spend hundreds of dollars learning this technique from top marketers – and it comes for free as part of the Lost Code. Which is a steal!

The Lost Code also teaches methods for boosting conversions through sales page optimisations and bonus pages. These are really critical for getting your promotions to land and make money. And not enough marketers focus on these techniques.

There are also really powerful training modules on traffic methods – and luckily it is not the same re-hashed stuff that is getting thrown about these days. It covers both free and paid methods. And there are some traffic methods that I never would have thought to try in a hundred years, and literally nobody else is teaching.

code secret marketingThese are two guys at the top of their game (they are each earning six figures per month, yes MONTH) and they are reaching into their black bag and teaching their darkest secrets. It is fascinating and inspiring to get access to these lost money making “codes”.

Another really cool thing about this program is that these guys believe in giving back. They are donating 10% of all profits of the Lost Code to an orphanage in Indonesia. These are very disadvantaged kids in a tough spot, and this stuff really makes a difference. This is something that I think more people should follow and use as an example.

The Lost Code – who is it for?

The Lost Code is for people who really want to start making money with affiliate marketing. There is a lot of material here and it ranges from things beginners could easily get started with, and more advanced tactics for more experienced marketers.

That’s one of the great advantages – you can learn something, go and apply it, then come back and learn something more and go and apply it, and so on. There is a lot of meaty content here, with some of the videos running for almost an hour.

There are also some amazing upsells, including some VERY serious ones for those who really want to take it to the next level. I won’t go into too much detail, as I didn’t get all of them and don’t want to spoil too much. But the upsells are very attractive and I got a bunch of them.

Lost Code – what are the drawbacks?

There aren’t a lot of drawbacks. One thing that was a bit annoying is that the course was so popular that they had difficulty building all the DFY funnels, which is one of the upsells. It is a manual process and they had thousands of sales, so there was a wait on some of these funnels. But that is only for an upsell and they have now caught up with all the orders I believe.

Also, if people are looking for some sort of quick “hack” or “simple system”, this is not it. The Lost Code is not one simple tool or method. It is in fact a collection of tricks and tactics used by elite marketers. And like all good system, it does require some work, but will generate huge payoffs.

The Lost Code review – Summary and bonuses

In summary, Lost Code is an extraordinary package for anyone interested in internet marketing and making money online. It is very rare that “outsiders” get an insight into the minds of these top performers. If you are tired of working hard for chump change, then the Lost Code is definitely for you. The generous upsells and charitable foundation are extra icing on the cake.

If you decide to get the Lost Code (and I cannot recommend this course enough), I will also include the following bonuses:

  • SEO checklist (improve your blog or website ranking in a few easy steps – I learned these from one of the best SEO masters around)
  • “Viking” Facebook ads ebook and video training course (worth $27)
  • “Viking” Google Ads ebook and video training course (worth $27)
  • “Viking” Twitter Ads ebook and video training course (worth $27)
  • “Viking” Banner ads ebook and video training course (worth $27)
  • Access to a secret high-ticket affiliate offer that pays $500 per sale (you can use the tactics in the Lost Code to promote this right away!)

So what are you waiting for? Do you want to finally crack open the secrets that these big-name marketers have been hiding from you? Get the Lost Code now!

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