The main types of articles for your blog

By Leon Tranter | Blogging

Nov 15
types of blog articles

OK so you’ve decided to take my advice. Instead of trying to do affiliate marketing without a website, you understand the power of content marketing and building long-term digital assets. But what can you write about? This article will explain the main types of articles for your blog.

Make sure you have a content strategy and plan first

Before you get to writing, make sure you have a content strategy and plan first. These are really crucial. I wrote about why not having a strategy is the main reason bloggers fail, and why content planning is so important.

But what sort of articles should you write? If you take a few keyword dumps out of Answer The Public (which I recommend), you’ll quickly have a few hundred or a few thousand article ideas. Plus you might have a whole bunch in your head. And maybe you want to do some reviews or promotions too.

I’ll go through the few main types of articles, what purpose they serve, and which ones I think you should focus on.

The main types of articles for your blog

There are a few different types of articles I think you should write. I’ll go through them one by one. But a quick summary, you should do a mix of these, but with a focus on the first type.

Long-tail query articles

The best types of articles to write for your blog are posts that target a long-tail keyword and are in response to a user query.

So if someone is searching for information in Google, they usually do it by typing in a question. Especially “how to” type questions. Just look at some of the articles I’ve published:

  • How to do affiliate marketing on Instagram
  • How to collect emails
  • How to improve email deliverability

There are other questions people ask too, like:

  • What is keyword cannibalization?
  • Can blogging make money?
  • How do backlinks work?

These are all real questions that people ask. I got them from a mix of Answer the Public, Google suggestions, and just plain old research. Reading forums, talking to people about they’re confused or frustrated with, and so no.

Now they each have very low search volume. Probably between 10 and 100 per month. Search volume such as tools tell me they are 30 or less, but I don’t trust those. They are generally based on Google’s data, which is wrong (Google knows but they don’t tell us the truth, they under-report search volume to encourage people to give up on SEO and buy ads).

It’s ok if they’re low. That means there is less competition. This is part of the idea behind long-tail keyword strategies like the Keyword Golden Ratio. I wrote an article explaining what the Keyword Golden Ratio is if you want to know and learn how to use it.

Rather than have 10 articles trying to rank for 1000 monthly volume search keywords, and all failing, have 100 articles rank for 10 or 50 monthly search volume keywords. You’ll easily end up on the first page (if you know the basics of SEO) for those easier keywords.

Then you get traffic, maybe get some shares and backlinks. You’ll pixel these people for retargeting later. And your site will grow in size and reputation and attract more links. Then you can target the medium volume keywords later.

But it’s not just about long-tail keywords. It’s also about answering questions. If people ask a question of Google, and they find an answer on your site, they’ll remember that. And they’ll remember you. They are more likely to share and link.

If they’re just browsing, looking for cat videos or some random distraction, that’s a lot less likely to happen.

Of course, “buyer intent” queries are more financially valuable queries to rank for, but they’re also super competitive. If you focus on writing articles that answer people’s questions and help them with their problems, you will build trust, authority, and eventually backlinks (I wrote an article explaining all about backlinks if you want to know more).

This will build a digital asset that will generate income for you forever, especially if you incorporate some affiliate marketing links and collect email addresses into your auto-responder, such as GetResponse (the one I use and recommend you use).

What about other types of articles?

Promotional articles

You can also write promotional articles. These are not really targeting query keywords, but buyer intent keywords. So for example, I have reviewed some big products in the internet marketing / make money online niche (my niche for this blog). Such as the Lost Code, Fuego Breakout and The Trinity.

I write review articles for products (that I have bought and gone through and recommend – don’t just spam articles for some crap you’ve never heard of!). Then hopefully I get traffic for those articles.

The bad news is, ranking for those might be difficult. Because keywords like “Fuego Breakout Review” are buyer intent keywords, the competition is extremely fierce, for a small monthly search volume.

So ranking for them might be hard. But if your site builds up authority and backlinks (through the long tail query keywords you’ve been posting articles about), it might not be that hard. Plus, you can drive traffic there from your email list, from your Pinterest account (get on Pinterest now, seriously), or maybe from paid ads.

These are your main “money” articles. How much money you make from them will be a factor of how much traffic you can drive there and how convincing your content is.

Some people think “oh these are my money articles – I should just do lots of those, and make lots of money!”. And they do the big mistake of posting lots of those and hardly any of the long tail keyword query articles.

Dumb move! The query keyword articles won’t make much money but in the long run, they will drive huge amounts of traffic to your site. And that will create social signals, backlinks, traffic, and email subscribers. All of that means way, way more traffic to your money pages.

It might sound counter-intuitive, but you can get more money by doing less money pages!

There’s another type of article you might want to consider.

Editorial articles

Sometimes, it’s good to write a thoughtful piece about a topic you’re knowledgeable or passionate about.

These aren’t long tail (or any tail) keyword query articles. They aren’t usually based on phrases that people would be searching for.

For example, I recently published an article on “Are you building digital assets?”. I think this is a really important, interesting and powerful article. I think it can really challenge people’s thoughts and beliefs about their entire approach to internet marketing and managing their money.

It’s not a topic people are searching for. It’s not an answer to a query people have. People aren’t sitting at home wondering “am I really building long-term digital assets?”. That’s a problem that people aren’t even aware that they have.

These types of articles will probably never make a cent of money, and probably never turn up in a Google search. So I don’t think you should write lots of them. But I think you should write some.

Because they are a unique and powerful perspective, they will make an impact on people. They will help you to stand out from the crowd. They will help you enormously to build trust and authority. And those are amazingly powerful assets.

They might not generate you sales or email signups, but they will help your other pages get sales and email signups. Because if you do a good job, people will believe you and trust you when you recommend products or offer to add them to your email list.

The trick, of course, is getting traffic to them. It can be hard. I would use social media (Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook). These sorts of articles are more likely to get shared (who wants to share someone’s blatant promotional post or obscure super long-tail keyword article answering a question that only 10 people in the world think of?).

And hopefully, if a few people share it, it might go viral and get some decent traffic. And these are also good articles to send to your email list. They help build trust and authority with your existing subscribers.

What about a ratio?

I recommend a ratio of about 70 to 20 to 10, for long-tail keyword query articles, promotional articles, and editorial articles.


I hope you enjoyed this article on the three types of articles to publish on your blog! Can you think of any other types? Or do you disagree with my types? Let me know in the comments!