The power of authority

By Citizen Affiliate | General marketing

Oct 06
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I’ve written before about how marketing is a long game. And about the importance of the abundance mindset. And about how you importance authenticity is in marketing.

Well, this is an idea that ties all of these things together. I think the most powerful asset in the whole world of marketing is not an email list, it’s not a killer blog, it’s not a popular product… it’s authority.

The power of authority

Authority is the most powerful asset you can have as a marketer. And that’s for one simple reason: if you have authority, you can easily build up any other asset.

If you have authority, if you are respected, if you are listened to, and (most importantly) if you are trusted, then you can easily succeed at marketing. If you lost everything tomorrow, you could build it all up again from scratch, very quickly.

Remember, people usually buy things after six or seven interactions. That’s because we buy from those we trust. And we trust those that have authority.

How to build authority

So how do you build authority? It certainly seems easier than done. I think the answer is to follow these steps.

Produce lots of powerful content

Everyone says it, but it’s true. Content is king. You have to produce lots of powerful content, over and over.

Personally, I find blogging to be particularly powerful and important to internet marketing. Especially if you can master the basics of SEO and throw email marketing in the mix.

It doesn’t have to be blog posts. It could be Youtube videos. It could be podcasts. It could be images or slideshows or anything. Just make it yours and make it awesome. Make it resonate and make it unique. Don’t just regurgitate the same boring crap – make it uniquely yours.

Engage with your community

You have to be an active engaging member of a community. Don’t just throw stuff out there and see what sticks. Talk to people! Ask them questions, reach out, help them. Create conversations, not just a one-way stream.

Help people whenever possible

Make sure you are helping people. Sometimes this help is in the form of recommending products if you have some great things to recommend. Sometimes it is just helping. Make sure to do lots of helping without recommending products.

This demonstrates that you actually care about people (which you do, right? If you don’t, get out of marketing, people will see through you real quick – see the next point).

Be honest always

I don’t bullshit people. I don’t promote products I don’t stand behind or that I haven’t heard of. I don’t post fake results or fake reviews.

People can see through this stuff. Maybe not right away, but eventually they will.

And it’s just not my style.

Double down on your niche

Get to know your niche really well. Don’t just jump around from random product to product. Choose a niche and get to know it.

Talk and listen to people. Do some research. Understand their pain points. Understand their problems. Find real solutions to real problems that real people have and are talking about.

If you are seen as the go-to person for problems in a niche, you are 90% of the way to making sales, of your own or others.


I hope you found this advice interesting and inspiring! As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments!