The rules of Internet Marketing

By Leon Tranter | General marketing

Jan 03
rules of internet marketing

I did a post on Facebook recently about the rules of internet marketing.

I thought I would write about them in a bit more detail and save them here before they disappear down the big black hole of the Facebook newsfeed!

These are my rules, mind you. They are just some principles and practices that I’ve learnt in my pretty short time so far in the field.

Don’t buy a new product until you’ve finished the last one

It’s easy to get distracted and chasing shiny objects. It’s easy to jump from product to product, never really finishing them, never really implementing them. This is a big and common mistake and can be a real time sink.

Make sure you complete a product before you even think about starting another one. Or even better, make sure you finish a product before even buying another one.

And when I say “finish”, I mean not just go through the training, but either had a proper try at applying it. Or deciding it is not for you and abandoning it.

Which is of course fine! Not all products suit all people. But decide to either have a proper go and get some real results or shelve it completely. Don’t put it in an “I might get around to mucking around with this next week” pile. We all know what happens to that pile.

Don’t go chasing dollars

A lot of people get obsessed with chasing dollars. They just want to start making sales any damn way they can. And I understand and it can be tempting.

But first, decide on your business and your strategy.

I made the mistake of wasting time and money trying to score a few sales of a few random crappy ClickBank products, just to prove that I “had made it”.

This is a big mistake. Pick your niche, pick your strategy, and focus on that.

Start building a business, not chasing a few dollars.

Build an email list. Maybe with solo ads, maybe with free traffic. Build some properties. Build some assets. Build some authority. You will be a bit slower to make your first sale but your momentum will start building sooner. And this momentum will pay off bigtime further down the track.

One strategy, multiple channels

A real business has one niche (make money online, fitness, trading, whatever) and one strategy (affiliate sales of digital products, an Amazon affiliate site, e-commerce funnels, whatever), but it has multiple sources of traffic, multiple streams of revenue, multiple customer bases. One strategy, but many ways to execute that strategy. That way you are not relying on one platform or traffic source.

Always remember, things can change. If you have one traffic source, and that source dries up (Google changes their algorithm, Facebook bans your account, Amazon changes their Terms of Service), you are in big trouble.

So diversifying your channels and traffic sources can help protect against that risk. Just make sure you learn them one at a time. Learning multiple traffic sources at once is probably way too difficult, especially for beginners. So learn them and build them up one at a time but build up multiple over time.

Help people

Help people whenever and wherever possible. Sometimes this help takes the form of recommending a product, sometimes it is just helping. Mostly it is just helping.

Make sure to have an abundance mindset. Never think “I can’t give away all this free help, then I won’t have any offers to promote!”. There are always offers to promote. Just keep helping people. They will remember you and respect you and trust you for it. You will build up relationships, authority and credibility. And these are the most important things you can ever have.

You work in marketing, not sales

internet marketing sales

Sales is about being pushy and “closing deals”. Marketing is different. Marketing is about describing problems and solutions to people. It is about offering help to people. If you describe a problem and a solution well enough, no sales are necessary. The solution simply sells itself.

Don’t keep jumping in and being pushy and “salesy”. That’s not how a marketer operates. A marketer knows they are doing successful marketing when people come to them begging for a product.

The most valuable asset is authority

If you have authority, you can easily generate other assets. You generate authority by producing content, demonstrating results, being true to your word, and helping people.

This is why you need to focus on a niche and strategy and building a business, rather than chasing random sales. Because in the process, you will generate authority, which is priceless. Marketing is 100 times easier when people trust you as an authority figure.

Test and learn

Marketing is fundamentally all about testing. Nobody gets everything right the first time – nobody. Not even the best marketers in the world.

They are always trialling, testing, experimenting, pivoting, and learning.

So make sure to implement tests everywhere. Test your copy, your images, your offers, your products, even your tools.

Just keep testing and learning, in everything you do.

Don’t bullshit anyone ever

People will find out and it will take a long time to undo the damage. There is enough nonsense and fake crap around. Stand out by being 100% honest with people.

Don’t do fake reviews. If you don’t believe or stand by a product, don’t review it, just stand silent. Let someone else step forward. You don’t have to “own” every launch. You have to be yourself and be authentic and build trust and authority.

Have fun

Marketing is hard work but it should be fun. If it’s not, find a way to do it that is fun, or go do something else. When you’re tired and worn out and you’ve had a crap day and nothing’s working, the fact that it is fun will get you through that. 

Want to learn more?

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