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Nov 05
trinity review

An up and coming internet marketer named Anthony Mancuso has recently released a new product called The Trinity. This is a simple but powerful system that Anthony has been using to generate pretty serious affiliate income. It was heavily promoted by some serious influencers and marketers and did well, selling over 500 units in a short period of time.

Let’s get into The Trinity and find out what it is all about.

What is The Trinity?

The Trinity is an internet marketing training program by Anthony Mancuso. This man is one of Brendan Mace’s students and he has been climbing the ranks of the IM / Make Money Online space. He did very well with his earlier product EZ Passive Paydays, and The Trinity is his latest offer.

The Trinity is a simple but thorough system for earning affiliate commissions by promoting digital products. It is called The Trinity because it is based on three essential components:

  • A blog with reviews of digital products
  • A free video traffic source that sends people to the review and affiliate link
  • A follow-up email sequence for those that don’t buy right away.

While there is nothing particularly unusual or revolutionary here, this is a very powerful, solid and complete system. In fact, it is pretty much the system that I am doing! And that most successful internet marketers are using.

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However, much like Brendan Mace reveals in the Lost Code, these marketers don’t always tell you what they’re doing. Many internet marketers put out courses that involve strange or complex paid traffic methods and hacks.

But behind the scenes, they actually make 90% of their money from simple systems like this one. They simply review products, get traffic to the reviews, and follow up with email. That’s the essence of the most successful ways to make money online today, and it’s what all the gurus are doing day in and day out. But not necessarily what they are always teaching.

So it’s great that Anthony is practising what he preaches, and showing you the simple but shockingly effective ways to make money right now with affiliate marketing.

Who is it for?

The Trinity is for anyone interested in making money online with affiliate marketing. And it’s all free traffic.

So there is no product development required, no ads or paid traffic. The strategy is one of the oldest and simplest out there: content marketing. Produce great content, people will find it, and some of them will buy products you promote based on your reviews.

Obviously, because it is free traffic and content marketing, there is work required. You will have to research products, write reviews, and make videos. I don’t actually make videos (yet), but I put a lot of effort into my blog articles, which makes up on that front.

I would say the Trinity is best suited for people who have a little experience in internet marketing but haven’t really gotten great results yet. If you are completely new to this whole thing, this might not be great, because the work required might confuse or overwhelm you.

If you are a very experienced internet marketer, there might not be much here that’s new. But if you’ve been doing a bit of affiliate marketing and what to start putting in more work and getting great results, The Trinity would be perfect.

What are the advantages of The Trinity?

The best strength of this course is that it is a complete system. He starts off with choosing products, including some places that I would never have thought of (and I’ve been doing this for a little while). Then he goes through researching and reviewing the product, writing and publishing the review, making and publishing the video, and following up with email.

Keep in mind that to do the email part of this course, you will need an auto-responder (I use and recommend GetResponse). But you should have one anyway – since email marketing is still one of the most powerful internet marketing tactics today.

So instead of separate courses on review blogs, video reviews, and email marketing, you get all of it taught in one package. Which is a big plus.

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Another advantage is that this is all effective real-world stuff. This is what Anthony (and lots of others!) do in their day to day business in making money online. There is no abstract theory or weird techniques here that don’t work.

Another big advantage is the vendor bonuses. Anthony Mancuso has gone way over the top and thrown in huge piles of bonuses here, that are easily worth more than the course itself. It’s probably the most generous set of vendor bonuses I’ve seen all year, in fact.

Before you even get to the course or affiliate bonuses, Anthony is throwing in:

  • P1 Profits case study, a full course on launch-jacking high ticket offers. This is seriously in-depth training, probably moreso than The Trinity itself. I would rate this is at least a $30 or $40 purchase, and you get it for free with The Trinity!
  • Emergency Cash Booster, a full set of three courses (launch-jacking, pay per call affiliates, and service arbitrage). If P1 Profits wasn’t enough, three more intensive courses for free
  • Traffic Power Pack: four (yes ANOTHER four) courses on traffic: Youtube funnels, Reddit hacks, Solo Ads, and Bing Traffic.

That’s eight high quality courses you’ll get for free with The Trinity. I bought it weeks ago and I’m still going through all of these! To be honest, it would a total bargain to get all of those even without the Trinity for the current price.

However, those are “Fast Action” bonuses – it is such a huge pile that I think he is going to take them down or reduce them soon. So do you want to be sure to get all those bonuses? Then I would get The Trinity quick smart, before Anthony regains his sanity and starts charging for some of those products (especially P1 Profits – it’s actually better than a lot of paid products I’ve bought this year, possibly even better than The Trinity itself).

What are the drawbacks?

There aren’t a lot of drawbacks to The Trinity.

One potential one is that there is nothing shocking or new here. If you are an experienced and successful internet marketer, you probably won’t learn much here (though there may be something in the big pile bonuses for you).

Another one is that the course only teaches free traffic sources. Now while free traffic is great, paid traffic can be good too, if you are careful and you know what you are doing.

Anthony includes training on Bing and Solo Ads in his bonuses, which is nice. But I wouldn’t discount Facebook for paid traffic.

So I’m going to throw in free training (a full video course worth $27, not some crappy ebook) on Facebook Ads, if you buy through my link.

Summary – Trinity Review

In summary, The Trinity is a thorough and powerful system for making serious money with affiliate marketing. This is a method that does definitely require putting in the effort, but if you apply it properly and consistently, you will definitely get success. It is basically what I am doing to make money online, and I’m seeing real results (my best day was $500 and I’ve only been doing this for a couple of months).
trinity buy

So are you someone prepared to put in the work if it means getting real results? Then you want to get the Trinity now. The huge pile of vendor bonuses plus my bonuses make this a no-brainer.

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